Our Core Values

We - as a team - are committed to doing our part to make our local community a better place. We want everyone who encounters Impacting Tomorrow to walk away RICHER.

Respect - We respect every person as valuable and worthy of love and care. We take the time to learn one another's stories so we can see each other as beautifully complex human beings.

Innovation - We are always looking for sustainable solutions to challenges faced by people and communities where we live and work.

Consistency - Many people we work with deal with inconsistency in their lives. We work to provide encouragement, resources, and structure to all who come to us, ensuring that everyone has a safe environment in which to grow.

Humility - We show willingness to ask for input and listen. Everyone has something to offer. We treat everyone with dignity. We are part of something bigger than ourselves and work to contribute to that great good.

Excellence - We give our best, not our leftovers. We give excellent service and resources because everyone is worthy - first-class citizens. Everyone who interacts with us feels good when they arrive and when they leave.

Resilience - We see the resilience in each other and call it out, reminding each other that we are stronger than we think.