Our Story

Giving back has always been a part of our DNA
In 2006, Ken and Libby Tracy saw that hospitals needed a partner to better serve patients and families. They founded TaleMed, a company serving healthcare facilities across the USA, which eventually grew to be one of the top healthcare companies in the country.

Inspired by the value of each person, the Tracys wanted to empower volunteers to use their skills to serve local communities. So, as they grew the business, they built inside the company a platform for employees to grow as people and professionals by giving back. Over the years, teams volun- teered in both local and international communities.

And now
Today, because of TaleMed's success, the Tracys have transformed their internal service platform into a local nonprofit called Impacting Tomorrow and are bringing their business skills to the nonprofit sector.

What started as a simple call to connect with others quickly turned into a bigger vision. Today Impacting Tomorrow is distributing food and clothing to over 450 households a week. The model that has been built will only get bigger and will continue to build up those around them by reminding people of their innate resilience.

The Tracys, through Impacting Tomorrow, are continuing to channel their knowledge of the business world to make nonprofits more effective and a people-centric experience by coordinating with other community partners.