Group Opportunities

Group Volunteering
If you are interested in doing a group volunteer project with your company, church or organization, we would be happy to have you! Depending on the size and availability of your group, these opportunities could be outside of our normal, forward-facing Market and Boutique opportunities. All volunteer group opportunities support the work of Impacting Tomorrow.

Once details are finalized, you will receive a private link for the individuals in your group to sign up.

To schedule your group, please reach out to Beth Rogers at to work through all the details.

Donation Drive
If you are interested in hosting a donation drive, this is a great way to collect items in bulk to support Impacting Tomorrow. The process is fun and easy for all ages and gives back to the community in a meaningful and tangible way.

When organizing a donation drive with Impacting Tomorrow, you will need to do the following:

  • Gather the details for your donation drive
    • Timeframe that donations will be collected
    • Location for people to drop off their donations
    • Specifics on what items you plan to collect (clothing, canned goods, etc)
  • Request materials from Impacting Tomorrow
    • Collection Bins
    • Materials about Impacting Tomorrow and our mission
  • Market your Donation Drive to your community
    • We will provide any specific information that needs to be included based on the type of drive you are doing (specifics on clothing donations, most needed pantry items, etc)
  • Once your drive is completed, coordinate with the Impacting Tomorrow team to deliver the donated items.