Striving to impact the world today, to build a better tomorrow

TaleMed strives to ensure the success of our nurses, partner facilities and the people we interact with each day. Since 2006, we’ve placed nurses on assignment across the United States who impact tens of thousands of people. We wanted to take impacting others to another level.


We’re doing just that by creating Impacting Tomorrow, TaleMed’s new community action platform. Impacting Tomorrow is designed to be the vehicle we use to have a positive impact on others. It serves as a way for us to share our blessings with our peers, our community and the world.


Since the founding of TaleMed, we’ve had a sense of duty in our business. We encourage our staff to focus on helping each other. Impacting Tomorrow takes that commitment further, assisting families, children and communities – locally and globally – with service projects and financial support.

Please join us in Impacting Tomorrow!

Who We Support

We focus our service, volunteers and financial resources on three types of organizations to maximize our results:


Supporting foundations, organizations and hospitals associated with the medical field


Helping programs, churches and organizations that share similar faith-based beliefs

Local Community

Caring for and supporting people in communities throughout the Cincinnati area.