In early March, a group of 11 who represented both TaleMed clinical and field staff, partnered with Central Brazil Mission (CBM) for the 3rd consecutive year providing, day clinics for residents of five villages along the Amazon River and its tributaries. On the 10-day trip, the group provided medical, dental, and other assistance to more than 400 people from the villages.

Founded in 1969 by Earl and Ruth Ann Haubner, CBM began planting churches around Goiania, near the capital city of Brasilia, but needs were later found in the Amazonas region, which led to adding the boat ministry in 2000.

“Most Brazilians will never come to the Amazonas region because they look down on it,” Earl told the TaleMed team. “The people needed help, and we felt called to provide it.”

Project Amazonas: Christ, Life and Health,  is divided into four major parts: the medical boat ministry, providing nutrition through a greenhouse and juice factory, a children’s soccer program, and a program to construct church buildings and homes for Brazilian missionaries in remote villages. The TaleMed team got to participate in and see first-hand all four of these pillars of the CBM ministry.

Ken Tracy, President of TaleMed, challenged the team early in the trip, “We have an incredible opportunity to serve those who live here and to show them love and compassion. This opportunity allows us to take time away from our normal day-to-day work and to care for people in a different way than we usually get to.”

The day clinics took place on the CBM boat and the TaleMed team were placed at stations to serve the people of the villages. Each patient had their vitals taken, a consultation with the doctor, received glasses or a massage for aching muscles when necessary, were provided with worming medication, as well as any necessary over the counter medications.

They also had the opportunity to see a dentist if needed. Corbin Sohn, who has traveled with TaleMed as an ER nurse for four years and is now a TaleMed Clinical Liaison, said, “It was a unique opportunity to take my nursing training and education and use it outside of the hospital in a remote area. It blended two passions I hold very high—caring for people and exploring nature.”

On the last night when the boat crew provided a cookout for the team, Earl said, “The people that your team served this week have had their lives changed forever because you came. And we hope that your life will be changed forever because of them.”

TaleMed is proud to partner with such an incredible ministry through the Impacting Tomorrow platform. Sohn reflected, “CBM proved to be a true part of the Amazonas community and offers amazing ongoing care and support to the people of this region. As CBM says: Christ, Life and Health.”