Fifteen TaleMed employees recently joined Back2Back Ministries on a mission trip to Monterrey, Mexico and had an incredible experience helping the area’s children and serving together.

Working with Back2Back Ministries on two previous mission trips, TaleMed — through Impacting Tomorrow — supports the nonprofit’s dedication to serving children around the world.

What Our Volunteers Did

Before going on the mission trip, each TaleMed participant completed 40 hours of community service. In Monterrey, most of the volunteers’ time was split into two parts: playing with the kids and doing service work throughout the community. Volunteers helped at the orphanage playing sports like soccer and frisbee, riding bikes and playing games. While the kids were in school, the volunteers painted homes and poured concrete.

Impact on Volunteers

For recruiter Ilana Seigel, interacting with the kids was the most impactful part of the experience. “Knowing these kids don’t have a lot and we get to put a smile of their face really put things into perspective for me.”

For others, the mission trip helped them feel closer to their faith. Staffing Team Manager Allan San Diego, a returnee to Monterrey, had the opportunity to lead small group discussions about faith. The first time he went, he felt challenged by these discussions, but this time he challenged others. He enjoyed helping connect others to their faith and felt doing so had a meaningful impact on him. 

The Back2Back staff also had a significant impact on the volunteers. “These people give their lives to loving and supporting these kids. They deserve a lot of appreciation for what they’re doing,” said Marketing Technology Manager Vanessa Gut, one of the trip leaders.

TaleMed Cares

Service work is an important aspect of TaleMed’s company culture. Partnering with Back2Back Ministries is a humbling experience for our employees and truly helps them grow.

“TaleMed truly does care about impacting tomorrow, and our leaders care about each and every employee,” said recruiter Wes Holman.

A New Perspective

The volunteers went to Monterrey to make an impact but what they found was that the trip had an even bigger impact on them. The trip offered a new perspective for many of the volunteers. In such a fast-paced world, many people forget to appreciate the little things in life. For the volunteers, it was a reminder of how fortunate they are and several of them described it as “eye-opening.”

Working Together in and out of the Office

Employees from all different departments participated in the mission trip. It was a great way for the employees to get to know each other outside of the office.

“As the company grows, it’s getting harder to know everyone. This trip is nice because you really get to know the people you are working with better,” said Ilana. This kind of experience creates a strong bond between those who participate, and it is something these volunteers can take back home with them when the trip is over.

Creating a Lasting Impact

For the volunteers, it is not just about the impact they made while they were in Monterrey. Rather, it is about what they can do to make an impact once they return to their everyday lives. 

For Vanessa, one child inspired her to create a lasting impact through a sponsorship. A sponsorship includes monthly donations for things like school supplies and clothing, giving Christmas and birthday gifts, and writing letters.

“By writing letters to this young girl, I hope to express how much she impacted me and by doing so, continue to make an impact on her,” said Vanessa. “Just showing her that I care, even if I’m not there.”

Impacting Tomorrow plans to continue yearly mission trips and perhaps expand their efforts to ensure that everyone can participate.

For more information on the other organizations that Impacting Tomorrow serves, click here.

painting in Monterrey, Mexico