TaleMed and Child Focus, Inc. have banded together to bring a beautiful Christmas to Clermont County children and families.

Since its establishment in 1977, Child Focus, Inc. has provided comprehensive services to meet the needs and improve the lives of children and families in Clermont County. Over time, they have expanded to include children’s counseling services, Foster Care and school-based mental health services to elementary, middle and high schools. Their mandate is to serve the needs of children with quality programs while aggressively developing other needed services not presently available in the community.


The mission of Child Focus, Inc. is to join with communities in improving the quality of life for children, families and adults. They are leaders in the early childhood and behavioral health industries through their ability to create responsive and innovative programs in collaboration with individuals, families, community agencies and institutions.

Their early care and education, prevention and treatment programs improve coping mechanisms, provide support, promote school readiness and success and encourage growth and self-sufficiency for the children, families and adults in our community.


Every Christmas since 2012, employees working at TaleMed’s headquarters have donated specific items selected for a certain child in an attempt to make that child’s Christmas wish-list come true.

Child Focus, Inc.’s Giving Tree Program is not just about the gifts. Even more, the program is about the hope of a better tomorrow, which aligns perfectly with Impacting Tomorrow’s vision.