TaleMed supports BLOC Ministries through financial contributions, as well as through encouraging our TaleMed family to join the mission by mentoring students in the community.

BLOC Ministries is a faith-based organization created to build connections and safe places for students, families and adults to thrive and succeed in spite of difficult circumstances. They do this by cultivating an atmosphere for growth through focusing on fostering personal relationships and creating activities that help build hope, purpose and vital life skills.


They are committed to opening pathways to a brighter future by caring for and challenging every student and adult who is willing to take a step forward.

The organization offers a variety of after-school activities ranging from mentoring, the arts, fitness and enrichment activities, to creating a supportive living environment for teens.



Their employees serve where they live. They are neighbors, coaches, mentors, family and friends to their community. They understand that the needs of the neighborhood don’t go away at 5 p.m.

Therefore, BLOC acquires and refurbishes blighted buildings so their dedicated staff can live as neighbors, helping neighbors.

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