This September, Impacting Tomorrow will be heading down to Central Brazil for another international mission trip. Impacting Tomorrow is the service arm of TaleMed. It was created out of the desire to provide an instrument for making a difference in the lives of those around us and having positive impact on the world, both locally and globally.

Impacting Tomorrow is teaming up with Central Brazil Mission Ministry this fall to help with the organization’s ongoing project called “Project Amazonas” centered around the Amazon Region of Brazil.

The CBM boat docked the night departure.

Since March 2000, the Central Brazil Mission Ministry has sent out a boat each month for ten-day trips. Each trip focuses on reaching and helping people that live in villages along the many tributaries of the Amazon River. The boat contains both medical and dental clinics as well as a pharmacy that contains most medications needed by the villagers.

Currently, the organization provides medical and spiritual support for hundreds of children and adults in over 30 villages along the Amazon, visiting each one every two to three months. There are now 25 “Project Amazon” churches in different villages and about another ten new villages waiting for a church.

Whose Coming? 

Volunteers for the ten-day trips typically consist of doctors, dentists, nurses, construction crews and evangelistic teams. In September, TaleMed is taking a team of 12 people to serve alongside the Central Brazil Mission. The group of 12 consists of traveling nurses, internal employees and family members of TaleMed employees.

TaleMed’s Clinical Director, Susan Abbott, has served with Central Brazil Mission since 2010. This September will be her ninth trip. In the past, Susan has served as the doctor onboard, but for this trip, she has recruited a physician’s assistant to join the team.

Susan brought this ministry to TaleMed’s attention during her interview last summer and said TaleMed was quick to jump on board.

“TaleMed truly wants to impact the world both here and abroad,” Susan said. “When I first mentioned it to Libby [Tracy, CEO of TaleMed], there was no hesitation. “Setting up a TaleMed trip with Central Brazil Mission was written into my contract when I was hired.”

How will Impacting Tomorrow be serving? 

One of the villages CBM visits along the rivers. People from the villages line up waiting for the boat to dock.

TaleMed’s trip in September will be a seven-day excursion down the Amazon. The team will serve between three to five villages and help between 600 to 800 villagers. The common tasks for volunteers will include welcoming patients aboard, taking weights and vital signs, playing with the children, passing out medications, cleaning dental equipment and giving haircuts.

Susan said she has seen villages completely transform with the consistent medical care provided by this ministry.

“The changes I saw over the years in the health of the individuals are incredible,” Susan said. “When we go to a new village, you see issues like underweight babies, miscarriages and poor dental hygiene. When the boats keep coming, children’s weight increases, there are less miscarriages and better dental hygiene.”

For More Information 

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